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HR Infinity Zucchetti Suite features a wide offer of web-based solutions designed to cover all the aspects of people and asset management. Resource optimization is the keyword of all the HR Zucchetti branded products as well as of all the businesses that wish to look to the future.

HR Portal

HR Portal is a real application platform with features for the personnel office, but also for employees and contributors.

Just one easy access point for the management to post notifications and useful information for employees without time waste and paper waste.

At the same time, employees can access the portal to view documents, and notifications and download payslips.

HR Portal is available for PC, tablets, smartphones and touch screen totem.

A complete solution for time and attendance that implements automatization of all monitoring processes which require time and resources.

Completely web-based, time stamp collection is possible with just the internet or intranet connection without necessarily installing the software on local workspaces.

For those who wish to avoid the old clock & badge formula, Zucchetti developed ZClockIn, the mobile app that allows employees to clock in with their mobile devices in full respect of the EU privacy regulations.

Presenze Web

HR Workflow

With HR Workflow Zucchetti you can bypass all the bureaucratic steps in the justification submission process like attendance anomalies, permits, annual leave and sick leave.

The whole procedure becomes smooth, with no need for phone calls, email exchanges and paper sheets. By simply accessing the internet, employees can submit requests which will then pass to their supervisors who can approve or deny such requests. Once the request has been approved, HR Workflow will automatically notify the attendance software.

HR Workflow is available for mobile devices via the ZTimeline app.

Risorse Umane Project is a crucial support to management concerning employee career history.

From recruiting to performance evaluation and compensation, the software is able to constantly deliver an updated profile of each employee in the company.

Flexibility and functionality will make any report easy to make and even easier to understand.

Risorse Umane

Open Budget

Open Budget Zucchetti is the extra help for managing and monitoring staff costs.

Functionally, the software can gather the right data in order to deliver detailed information on the current budget situation and future trends as well.

The integration with other HR software solutions can help management make decisions and adjust the company strategy accordingly.

Zucchetti comes with a baggage full of experience when it comes to payroll processing. Such expertise and complex fiscal legislation merged into one solution: Paghe Web.

Flexibility and efficiency are just a couple of key components of this software, along with automation in payslips, pay items, tax brackets and contributions.

Paghe Web

Paghe Project

Paghe Project is the custom solution for all companies in need of a non-standard product.

We start from a white canvas and we draw the lines according to your specific requests.

Full flexibility and integration are the core values of the software: shared database with time and attendance software, Risorse Umane and Open Budget.

Be ready to fully optimize the entire travel management process for business travellers.

With ZTravel Zucchetti management can supervise each stage of business travel: pre-travel for all the aspects concerning the planning and bookings; on-travel for entering live expense reports via mobile devices; post-travel for the expense report review, refunds and compliance with company travel policy.



An all-around solution for fleet management that features full control over costs.

ZCarFleet is the innovative software designed for any business seeking automated and efficient management of the fleet through the allocation of benefit and carpooling vehicles, fuel cards and electronic toll collection devices.

By simply registering vehicles, the system will automatically send reminders for maintenance, deadlines and fulfillments besides notifying in case of breakages or accidents and managing fines and refunds.

Infinity ZTimesheet is the ideal solution for those in need of a monitoring system for employee activities when it comes to specific projects, production orders, construction sites etc.

There are different verification stages both in terms of time spent on a certain activity and effective efficiency. This way, it is possible to determine the time/cost ratio in a very precise manner making budget analyses much easier to carry out.


Safety Solution

Safety Solution is the perfect solution for security management from prevention to supervision in conformity with Leg. Decree 81/08.

With Safety Solution designated safety supervisors will have all the information they need in order to verify the correct procedures and meet the legal obligations dynamically.

This software allows you to supervise employee access, visitor access and vehicles directly from the entrance (gates, barriers, turnstiles etc.) 

Being linked to the access terminal, the software can aquire, validate and monitor real time transits on given access rules basis (timeslots, PIN authentication, etc.)

Accessi Web










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