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Cyber attacks worldwide


in 2022 only

Cyber attacks affecting big corporates are cover page news, however, the most targeted organizations are small and medium-sized businesses that might not have enough resources to shield themselves from such dangers.

Expanding threat

In 2020

0 %

increase in cyber attacks

In 2020

0 %

of attacks were connected to somebody working in the violated company

After the incident

0 %

of attacked companies haven’t been able to recover

More than

0 %

of employees state they’re lacking basic cyber security knowledge

Giving a strong response to those who undermine our security is crucial

That’s why we created

Managed Detection and Response

Dell Managed Detection and Response is a fully managed solution, active 24/7, which monitors, detects, investigates and responds to threats over the whole IT infrastructure of your business. 

No matter if it’s 50 or 1.000 endpoints, Dell MDR can drastically improve cybersecurity in the company without overwhelming the IT department with additional tasks.

All-in-one solution

No need to have multiple non-integrated software: make sure you benefit from an all-inclusive service







How do hackers operate

Hackers who manage to get into a system wait around 100 days before launching the attack

Initial monitoring

Phishing or exploit

Gap opening

Impact expansion

Target on backups and issues

Attack launch

State-of-the-art hackers are very methodical and full of resources, they invest weeks only to understand what kind of advantage they can get from the attack they’re planning.

For this reason, it is very important to have cybersecurity support which includes training for the employees, vulnerability and penetration test and recovery plan.

You can’t win by yourself

Dell MDR is a proper extension of your IT department

Thanks to the expert team of Dell in terms of cybersecurity, you can count on timely assistance each time the Secureworks Taegis XDR platform generates an alarm alert.

Secureworks Taegis XDR

A platform specifically designed to have an overview of the whole cybersecurity situation. Coming from more than 20 years of frontline experience, it automatically detects even the most sophisticated threats and it responds efficiently and quickly. 


Delivers complete information about the nature of the threat

Telemetric assessments from machine-learning

Information on the different events and vessels

MDR clients benefit from a threat intelligence developed by using hundreds of thousands of data points compiled by other clients and by international intelligence services.

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